• Apricot Dixie Belle Chalk and Mineral Paint is a pale orange with hints of pink. This sweet colour is much lighter than the actual apricot fruit. Use this pastel hue to add a joyful vibe to any room in your home.  Apricot works well with coastal, shabby chic, Victorian or bohemian design styles.


    APRICOT - Dixie Belle - Pale Orange with a hint of Pink Chalk Mineral Paint

    • Reasons To Choose Dixie Belle Chalk and Mineral Paint

      • No Sanding, Priming, Waxing or Top Coat required,
      • Eco friendly chalk and mineral paint,
      • Self levelling
      • with 69 beautiful colours to choose from,
      • mix colours together to create even more colour choices,
      • as well as a whole host of metallics, accenting and finishing products to help you create sensational furniture pieces.
      • paint onto a variety of surfaces - from wood and laminates/melamine/plastics to glass, ceramics, metal, and even fabric and leather,
      • Dixie Belle Paint is a thick paint, so a little goes a long way. If you like a thinner look just add a little water and stir. Need it thicker - just leave off the lid,


      A little goes a long way due to their great coverage:
      236ml (8oz) gives 3.5 sq m of coverage 
      473ml (16oz) gives 7 sq m of coverage
      946ml (32oz) gives 14 sq m of coverage

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      BOSS:- Dixie Belles Primer to block odours, stains and stop bleed through.